Thursday, 1 December 2011

My NYE Party

Last year we held a New Years party with no expectations and exceeded all, we focused on a intimate house party vibe with no extortionate entry fee's.

The formula worked everyone had a good time, and were back to do it again like it's 1999 (Sorry i love that Prince song)

"New Years Eve Party @ Holland Park Blagclub", Hip Hop, RnB, House, and everything else in-between, last year was a road block so we feel it’s only right we do it again.

DJ’S: @djsoops @djmaintain @blaiseobrien

09:00pm - 03:00am

£15 Before 10:00am - £20 After 10:00am on guest list only
£25 Walk in

Accept invite to be on the guest list or alternatively.


BBM: 26032164

Please feel free to forward the event to friends, thanks.


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Jimmy James Supporting Jehst @ The Peel in kingston

Cutting straight to the chase Bello aka Cement (Jimmy James producer) approached me @ my residency Different Strokes (every Wednesday @ cherry jam night club) saying he needed a scratch Dj.

We spoke and after a few minutes we realised our views on Hip Hop were pretty much the same and we arranged to meet up at the studio to put some scratch patterns over some of his productions, at the same time I’d get to meet Jimmy, P-Zilla (Engineer) & (Manager) D-Money.

At the studio we hit it off instantly and got through the work so quickly that we decided to rehearse for the upcoming show in Kingston, @ The Peel along with Granville Sessions supporting Jehst.

Forward to Saturday with sound check completed albeit with a few technical hitches, but what is a sound check without a few hitches. We performed songs off Jimmy’s upcoming album which were all very well received. Highlight of the performance for me was ‘Time Zone’ everything about that track was on point and the crowd let us know as much with the noise they generated at the end.

Granville Sessions took to the stage after us and if I’m honest all I heard of them was this track Id seen on You Tube ‘Pubsteppin’ and I was impressed, but nothing prepared me for how tight they are as a live band. They have mpc’s everywhere a bass guitarist a trumpet player and drummer. This created such a big authentic sound that had everyone rocking from beginning to end which left me wondering why bands like Granville Sessions aren’t multi millionaires going platinum everywhere (sigh)

Now it was time for Underground legend Jehst, he stepped on with the aura of an artist that knew what this Hip Hop s**t is all about, his band featuring Jazz T (Turntables), Micall Parknsun (MC), Fae Simon (Vocals), Louis Slipperz (Bass) & Kwake (Drums) are ridiculous especially Kwake on the drums. Jehst was backed up by Micall Parknsun superbly the crowd knew all of the words to all of his songs which added to the intimacy and realness of his performance. This was my first real in depth look @ Jehst I’m ashamed to admit, but It’s not going to be my last because as I type this I will be making moves to get hold of his whole back catalogue and new work, peace maintain.


Big up my by boy Dj Soops for the footage and posting on his very popular blog.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Maintain & Blaise - I Started This Movement Vol 2

#IstartedThisMovement Vol.2

Back again with an 1hr of house music selected and mixed to a very high standard by
Blaise & Maintain.

What started with a love for music and a mutual respect, has now turned into a series of monthly mixes to be uploaded regularly by the afore mentioned Dj's.

From House, to magic tricks and shots of Pacheen lol #InsideJoke
We present to you #IStartedThisMovementVol2

Hope you enjoy

@DjMaintain @blaiseobrien @guvsdeuces

Maintain & Blaise - I Started This Movement Vol 2 by DjMaintain

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Residency @ Diff'rent Strokes

Impromptu open mic session at the end of Diff'rent Strokes @cherryjam.

Definitely a night for the history books;)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

UK Hip Hop - Camouflage Children - Bangalore Vol.1 "The Intro"

Here we have the latest Black Budget Promotion: 'The Intro' produced by DJ Maintain and taken from Camouflage Children's debut mixtape, Bangalore Vol.1. Join them @ Le Scratch, Concrete on the 16th September for the launch party. Limetree Productions 2011.

Also make sure you check out:

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Maintain & Blaise - #IstartedThisMovement - Vol1

Maintain and Blaise have known of each other for a while moving in the same social circles. But it wasn’t until Paul (Guvs) McGovern suggested they hook up musically that #IstartedThisMovement began, after a meeting at supperclub the rest is history and what you have now is Maintain & Blaise back to back for a 1hr ½ of house music selected and mixed to a very high standard.

#IstartedThisMovement Vol.1


Maintain & Blaise - #IstartedThisMovement - Vol1 by DjMaintain

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dwayne Turner

Writing the previous blog has reminded of how much i loved this Artists work and i put his name in google to see what he's up to and his credits are amazing.

He has truly gone on achieved everything his talents deserved, a talent that was more than apparent when i picked up that Luke Cage #1 Marvel Comics.

The DC Universe Reboot

I collected comics a few years back but stopped when buying vinyl and multiple Marvel & Image titles were a bit hard on my pocket. The comics I collected were:

The New Mutants
Amazing Spiderman (Todd McFarlane)
Spiderman (Todd McFarlane)

I wasn’t much of a DC Comics fan, I always admired from afar, bought the odd graphic novel but that was about it. So I was very happy when I heard DC are having a reboot, starting many titles from #1 gives readers/fans like me a chance to experience the DC universe.

One lesson I learnt from collecting is to but two copies, one to read one for the collection.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Random Axe

I'm a big fan of Black Milk and i pretty much grab anything he does without a second thought, so i was very happy when i heard about the Random AXE project. It seemed to take forever to get here but finally it is ...

“Random Axe” is the self-titled debut album of American hip hop group Random Axe. The group comprises hip hop producer Black Milk and rappers Guilty Simpson and Sean Price. The album was produced entirely by Black Milk and features guest contributions from Roc Marciano, Danny Brown, Fat Ray, Melanie Rutherford, Rock and Trick Trick. The iTunes version includes 15 tracks, 1 music video and a digital booklet.

Audibly Shaken 0.2 (The Guru Tribute)

Audibly Shaken 0.2 (The Guru Tribute) by DjMaintain

Number Two in the Audibly Shaken series and this one is a tribute to GURU of Gangstarr someone who I’ve grown up listening to whether it was on YO MTV RAPS or on the albums above.

Step In The Arena was one of the first albums I went out and bought and I remember walking around Harlesden proud of the fact I had it, so I thought it was only right I honour GURU for all the great music and lyricism he left us with.

Hope you enjoy, Dj Maintain

Monday, 20 June 2011

Diff'rent Strokes @ Cherryjam

I've been a resident Dj @ Diff'rent Strokes for over a year now, and I'm very proud to be involved in a night where we play what we want and the crowd turn up to hear what were going to play for them next. Here's a video by Worldwide Nate who was so impressed by our night he came back next week to film it, this short captures the night perfectly and features yours truly AH-HA lol

Tyler, the Creator and the OFWGKTA

Tyler, the Creator and the OFWGKTA (Hodgy Beats, Left Brain & Syd Tha Kyd) collective performed at Camden Crawl on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage in London on May 1st, 2011. The show began and ended riotously, resulting in a full on fight between the band, the mob and security. They performed "Yonkers", "Sandwiches", "Bastard" and more (including songs off "Goblin").


Going through my vinyl and i realised i had two LOTUG chief rocka's so i thought why not, no headphones btw NOICE!!!!!

Camouflage Children

I met CC while Dj'ing @ a Monthly LIVE HIP-HOP JAM Trial & Error a brand new monthly hip-hop night at Passing Clouds, in Dalston. And soon as i heard the flow and lyricism i was like YUP they're the truth so here they are.

Two life-long friends, battle rapper Press1 and all-round talented MC/actor Lenz Wan join together to form Camouflage Children.
Contact for bookings or collaborations:


I've been listening to a lot of these dudes recently and their energy and lyricism has really caught my attention, in my opinion they are exactly what music needs right now.