Monday, 22 October 2012

Action Bronson - "The Symbol" (Official Video)

Had to blog this, Bronsolini is THE ISH!!!!!!! Dude is on his way to legendary status. Always different, Always Original with a sick flow and lyrics. Hip Hop!!!!!!!

"The Symbol" is the first single from Action Bronson's forthcoming Mixtape 'Rare Chandeliers' produced by the legendary Alchemist. Keep it locked to for the premiere of 'Rare Chandeliers' mixtape!

Directed by Rik Cordero

Score a free download of "The Symbol" here:

Tour dates here:


Sunday, 21 October 2012


What does Urban Mean In British Music?

Ok here goes......the misplaced use of the word 'URBAN' is pissin me off!

This all started when .... The Brit Awards robbed Craig David of an award the year he had like 100 nominations & not one award. The complaints were so high Brits suddenly came up with an 'Urban' category (to save face) & started throwing British 'Black Acts' or acts performing songs of 'Black origin' (lemar, ms dynamite, jamelia, joss stone,) etc into it as they were not being recognised against the other musical genres (pop, indie, rock etc) or International acts Destiny's Child, 50Cent etc

Suddenly 'Urban' became the bin or melting pot for any British act associated with 'Black music' why not just say RnB artist, Soul artist, Black music..... Why mish mash it into this Socially incorrect word in relation to music 'URBAN'! Its a bag of bull shiiieeeetttt.

So now if u wear a baseball cap, sportswear, MC, or use slang..... you are URBAN? Well what are u saying that every individual from innercity areas dresses in 'Streetwear' erm.... Stereotype or what!???! Deeper still if Urban is a another way of implying 'Blackness or black inspired' then are u sayin every Black person comes from the innercity 'Urban' areas & all speak slang, dress street, make music or can run really fast etc etc i mean BLOODY HELL.... **nothern voice** when is this BULL SHIIIEEET **yank voice** gonna STOP!!!!!

 If u are inspired by some aspects of Black culture just friggin say so..... Say u love Hip hop, soul, reggae, blues, jazz, carribean life, rather than embracing it to suddenly 'BE HIP or Quirky or ECLECTIC' & to fit in with the overly wack use of the born again 'SWAGGER' religion that Louie Walsh feels he is the ambassador of!

Was Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Little Richard, Nina Simone, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington categorised as URBAN? NO!!! They were called Soul acts, Blues, Acts, Jazz acts, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues singers, Pop stars or Black Music period URBAN is not a GENRE so....stop palming it of as one to describe music...

In my **Jim Royale voice** (Royale Family) I say....."URBAN MY ARSE"!!!!!!

Signed: Miss V Fly x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dj Maintain Presents - MGM II (Multi Genre Mix 2)

The last mix was received so well that i decided to make a series out of it, so here it is: Dj Maintain Presents - MGM II (Multi Genre Mix 2)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


The team that brought you
Diff'rent Strokes @ Cherryjam present

La Musique (Masquerade halloween Party) @ Love & Liquor | Friday 2nd November 2012

DJ's | Lonyo | Maintain | Phat Cats | Bannerworx | Mr Marquis

Love & Liquor | 34 Kilburn High Road London, NW6 5UA

Dress Code | Smart Casual don't forget to bring your MASK | Best mask wins £100 on the night

Entry strictly by guest-list only | £10 before Midnight | More after

Party time 20:00 till 02:00

This team of Dj's, event planners & promoters had the biggest night in West london on a Wednesday and then after a year it became the biggest midweek night IN London. They then branched out and created "La Musique" which started with a pre carnival party @ Westbourne Studios which 600 people turned up to which was amazing to behold.

So the La Musique brand is back and ready to amaze all over again, GET INVOLVED :)

For guest-list, bday & table bookings please contact:

Stephen aka Dj Maintain
07766232234 | Whatsapp
BBM - 26032164

Alchemist for 9FIVE Eyewear

Dope!! Hip Hop rules the world :)

9FIVE Eyewear and acclaimed hip hop producer, Alchemist, have teamed up for a limited edition project. The “Yacht Rock” collaboration combines a premium eyewear frame and 7 inch vinyl, produced by Alchemist for 9FIVE. This collaboration is limited to 400 pieces worldwide.
These items come packaged together and will be sold exclusively at authorized 9FIVE Eyewear retailers and on
Learn more at

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Manorlogz - If i told you - Anthony Anaxagorou

I have been looking for this since i went to BUFF (British Urban Film Festival) to see 'David is dying'

Powerful and Amazing!!!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Dj Maintain | Busta Rhymes Tribute Mix | Download Link added!

I was listening to ScratchVision a few month's back and Dj Scratch said something that stuck with me, it was along the lines of we should appreciate the artists that are still living rather than all jumping on a mix when they unfortunately pass away or on the anniversary of their death, bday etc. So with that being said I've decided to honour Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr aka Busta Rhymes. A true artist in every sense of the word, from his innovative videos, energetic performances on stage and in the booth. Busta has always been one of my favourite mc's and i hope I've done him justice, peace!