Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Jimmy James Supporting Jehst @ The Peel in kingston

Cutting straight to the chase Bello aka Cement (Jimmy James producer) approached me @ my residency Different Strokes (every Wednesday @ cherry jam night club) saying he needed a scratch Dj.

We spoke and after a few minutes we realised our views on Hip Hop were pretty much the same and we arranged to meet up at the studio to put some scratch patterns over some of his productions, at the same time I’d get to meet Jimmy, P-Zilla (Engineer) & (Manager) D-Money.

At the studio we hit it off instantly and got through the work so quickly that we decided to rehearse for the upcoming show in Kingston, @ The Peel along with Granville Sessions supporting Jehst.

Forward to Saturday with sound check completed albeit with a few technical hitches, but what is a sound check without a few hitches. We performed songs off Jimmy’s upcoming album which were all very well received. Highlight of the performance for me was ‘Time Zone’ everything about that track was on point and the crowd let us know as much with the noise they generated at the end. http://soundcloud.com/jimmyjames2012

Granville Sessions took to the stage after us and if I’m honest all I heard of them was this track Id seen on You Tube ‘Pubsteppin’ and I was impressed, but nothing prepared me for how tight they are as a live band. They have mpc’s everywhere a bass guitarist a trumpet player and drummer. This created such a big authentic sound that had everyone rocking from beginning to end which left me wondering why bands like Granville Sessions aren’t multi millionaires going platinum everywhere (sigh) http://www.granvillesessions.com

Now it was time for Underground legend Jehst, he stepped on with the aura of an artist that knew what this Hip Hop s**t is all about, his band featuring Jazz T (Turntables), Micall Parknsun (MC), Fae Simon (Vocals), Louis Slipperz (Bass) & Kwake (Drums) are ridiculous especially Kwake on the drums. Jehst was backed up by Micall Parknsun superbly the crowd knew all of the words to all of his songs which added to the intimacy and realness of his performance. This was my first real in depth look @ Jehst I’m ashamed to admit, but It’s not going to be my last because as I type this I will be making moves to get hold of his whole back catalogue and new work, peace maintain. http://www.myspace.com/jehstofficial


Big up my by boy Dj Soops for the footage and posting on his very popular blog.