Saturday, 17 December 2016


#LSS Episode 142

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Kanye West - Marginalised


Now as I sit here reading about Kanye West’s admission to a hospital’s physiological ward no less, and West’s apparent resistance to the aforementioned admission, I wonder if it’s a case of chickens coming home to roost. 

Kanye did say he’d be “Marginalised” till he was out his moment, will all his comments about the racism in the fashion industry now be put down to “Oh he’s crazy” valid points made by Mr West about his treatment by Nike be swept under the rug due to what has been portrayed in the media. It seems to happen a lot in society, especially to people who don’t toe the line whatever that line may be. A line set by the powers that be possibly?

D. Chappelle
M. Ali
T. Fury
K. Williams

Now before you say he’s brought it on himself & there’s a bigger agenda Mains please stop being distracted by Kanye hear me out. Simple me couldn’t possibly know of agendas on the Grassy Knoll scale so I choose to deal with what I can see which is the distraction of Kanye by using Kanye.

I believe Kanye West’s heart is in the right place but his message is somewhat skewed by his antics, and we all know it’s human nature to focus on antics rather than the message. Yes he like’s nice things, don’t we all to varying degrees. But let’s not forget the theme here Kanye has spoken his mind and now he’s been portrayed as crazy which is something society will never let him shake, thus marginalising him out of his moment.

The bigger picture in my opinion is, play your role people don’t get too big for your boots or the powers that be will character assassinate you and that will be that, Cosby.

Peace, Maintain.