Sunday, 28 August 2011

UK Hip Hop - Camouflage Children - Bangalore Vol.1 "The Intro"

Here we have the latest Black Budget Promotion: 'The Intro' produced by DJ Maintain and taken from Camouflage Children's debut mixtape, Bangalore Vol.1. Join them @ Le Scratch, Concrete on the 16th September for the launch party. Limetree Productions 2011.

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Maintain & Blaise - #IstartedThisMovement - Vol1

Maintain and Blaise have known of each other for a while moving in the same social circles. But it wasn’t until Paul (Guvs) McGovern suggested they hook up musically that #IstartedThisMovement began, after a meeting at supperclub the rest is history and what you have now is Maintain & Blaise back to back for a 1hr ½ of house music selected and mixed to a very high standard.

#IstartedThisMovement Vol.1


Maintain & Blaise - #IstartedThisMovement - Vol1 by DjMaintain