Friday, 23 November 2012

B. A. Dad...

This is the first of many poems i will be posting on my blog by an amazing poetess and friend, Love Haynes aka Louvaine.

How many children do you have?
Do they call you by your first name, or do they call you Dad?
If they call you by your first name don't get cross, cos you don't contribute to any one of their costs. Legal in England all your life, & you cater for pickney that belong to your wife.
What!?! Yeah I said it, had to be done.
You're a disgrace letting them be raised by a single Mum.
You ain't No role model.
You're a Roll model.
Weed habit, taking snaps with a Hennessy bottle.
Do your kids have shoes?
A coat on their backs?
Are they eating food?
Do you think about that?
Do you think about how their getting on at school?
Do you realise that as they grow they Lose respect for you?
You can Gas all you like British - Mutt & Jeff... Say Nada.
You have no excuses left.
You talk about reaping benefits you wanna sow, seeking riches but it never shows, entertaining bitches & thirsty hoes whilst you're ripping out stitches that you've sewn... Delicate pieces of thread that fray everyday.
Unravelling the longer you stay away.
No longer an effect that affects their mummy dearest, just reflects on you and those that are nearest. Its YOUR bad.B.A.D....Your bad.
You're not bad.
Read this and take heed... Be A Dad
B. A. Dad...


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